Dear guest

Now that the news image is dominated by the Korona virus, we will inform if we actively implement efforts to ensure your security.

We follow the advice and guidelines from the municipality and government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Our focus is to meet the needs of our guests while at the same time doing our job to keep you and our staff safe.

Our actions:

  • We have implemented additional cleaning routines of our rooms after each stay. With extra focus on places of the room people touch like door handles and other surfaces.
  • We also clean our premises regularly with recommended disinfectants, and encourage all staff to be extra careful with frequent hand washing.
  • In addition, we take further steps to ensure that employees are in good health. This includes employees who feel ill to stay at home, as well as consult with health professionals.
  • We provide breakfast in the form of breakfast packages that you can bring out when traveling.
  • We stopped buffet for dinner.
  • No common areas are the open for guests.
  • We use a mobile key which will be received in advance of your stay. With this you can open the front door as well as your own room.

Unfortunately we do not have a shuttle or dinner arrangement on the current operating model and the reception is only staffed during the day. Your safety is our highest priority and we really appreciate your confidence.

Sincerely, Sure Hotel Harstad Narvik Airport