Welcome to our new hotel located at Harstad Narvik Airport, Evenes.

Sure Hotel is a price friendly hotel. This hotel will be at the forefront among accommodation companies within technological solutions. The main purpose of the solutions is to create a better and easier purchase and stay situation for you as a guests.

You can easily check in before arrival via your mobile phone, go directly to your room with your mobile phone as your key.

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Double room

Our double rooms are on effective 12 square meters with hypoallergenic flooring. These rooms have a double bed and a bathroom with shower.

Family room

Family rooms are 24 square meters with allergy friendly flooring. These rooms have double beds, a sofa bed and a bathroom with shower.

How to stay with us!

1. Book your room online

Receive all information you need by email and sms

2. Use our easy mobile check-in
3. Unlock your room from your mobile
4. Check-out with your mobile